Better late than never…Happy New Year!

2017 seemed to really fly by for us and the last 4 months were no exception.  After our whirlwind summer tour of the Canadian Maritimes, we spent 6 weeks at our Haliburton trailer to catch up on our blogs then headed back to the Kawartha Lakes to work for 3 weeks (restock the travel fund a little bit) and spend time with our families.  We started this next leg of our trip in November, heading south for what we hope will be about 5 months.  In the late fall we took a little time to explore a few new places and to revisit a couple of our favourite spots from our quick June excursion to the US.   Our highlights included:

Saranac Lake Drive in NY State

Another visit to Dog Mountain in St. Johnsbury, Vermont

Hill Farmstead Brewery in Greensboro, Vermont

A delicious Vegan Brunch at the St. Albans B & B in St. Albans, Vermont

Visiting Rhapsody Natural Foods and experimenting with some of their tempeh in Cabot, Vermont

Wandering around the shops in Salem, Massachusetts

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Concord, Massachusetts

Minute Man National Historic Site and the Old North Bridge in Concord, Massachusetts

In late November we docked for a few weeks in Connecticut with Graeme’s brother, wife and our beyond adorable nephew and niece.   We were having a such a fantastic time, realizing this was the longest the two brothers had spent together since they were teenagers, so when they suggested we stay through Christmas, we knew we didn’t want to be anywhere else.  Staying longer meant we’d have to winterize Hrudy (our campervan), potentially give our immune systems another run for their money (little kid germs will knock you on your butt as we quickly learned) and do some last minute Christmas shopping.  However, it also gave us more time with the extended family, a chance to crash some great holiday parties and being there to watch our sweet little niece smash a cupcake on her first birthday.

Spending Christmas with little kids was also a wonderfully fun experience.  Between picking out a tree,  baking cookies, toy assembly and the pure excitement of waking up to see if Santa arrived – it all made for an amazing and memorable day!

So after six weeks of visiting, bonding and Aunt & Uncle duties, it was time to keep moving or we could have easily stayed until Easter.  We packed up and loaded the critters back in the van and with tearful good-byes, headed south in search of some warmer weather…or at least somewhere without snow.

The first half of 2018 is jam-packed for us!  Our plan is to head south through the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida, then across through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and finishing this USA roadtrip in California.  After that, we’ll be heading north to British Columbia and hopefully as far as Alaska, before heading back to the Kawarthas and Haliburton for the summer.  After that, who knows!  That’s the fun of van-life – at least for now, home is still wherever we choose to park it.

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