A Mixed Goodbye and Too Much Stuff

Imagine you’ve decided to sell your house, eliminate of 70 percent of your belongings and move into a 21 foot campervan with three dogs and a cat.  You’re either thinking “That sounds awesome!” or “That’s absolutely insane!” and to be honest, we’re probably thinking a little bit of both right now.  But we did it!  We moved out of our house, put stuff in storage and are living in our little RV with a small herd of critters…sort of anyways.   For the next few days we’re camped up at our trailer, trying to get organized before we depart on our next big adventure – letting the magnitude of this decision sink in.

For anyone who doesn’t know the full story, here’s how we got here.  About three years ago, my husband and business partners decided to sell the restaurant he’d been running for the previous seven years.  In the small, seasonal town of Fenelon Falls, we knew once that happened we’d have to figure out where to go next as there weren’t a lot of Executive Chef jobs available unless you owned your own restaurant.  Knowing we’d have to relocate, we started looking at all the possible areas to move next, but nothing felt right.   Knowing we’d have a little extra cash after the sale, we thought about taking a six month leave to travel hoping that maybe that would help us find our next home.  Somehow, and we’re not exactly sure how or when, that simple and short-term idea morphed into “Why don’t we sell everything we own, buy an RV and travel North America for the next couple of years.”  That idea struck a chord and we spent the following two years downsizing and renovating our home in hopes of selling it and taking off.  Our closing date was June 1st and here we are – sitting in front of our RV with bins of stuff around us thinking “Okay, we’re actually doing this!”

Saying goodbye to our Fenelon Falls home came with a mix of emotions.  It was our very first house and we moved into it about a year after we got married.  It was a cute little century home with its fair share of quirks and ‘charm’, but it was ours.  It was in the heart of a little village with wonderful neighbors and a great community.   I was fortunate enough to build a thriving massage therapy practice and work with a phenomenal group of clients that were supportive, loyal and health conscious – everything you could want as a self-employed RMT.  Graeme got to work with some amazing people through the restaurant and formed friendships that will exist long after he’s left.  Fenelon Falls has been good for us, and to us, and we are grateful for the time we’ve had there.   The mixed emotions come from a really difficult last few months.  Just before our house sold, we had to put down our last (we’ve had four) rabbit.  Sophie suffered with Snuffles (a sweet sounding, but awful chronic respiratory infection) for the last year and although we knew her passing from it was inevitable, it was still heart-breaking to lose her.  Two weeks after that, and right after our house sold, our 11 year old Schnoodle, Quigley, got really sick.  After a week of emergency vet visits, tons of tests and two blood transfusions, we lost our sweet boy to hemolytic anemia brought on by leukemia.  He was, in so many ways, the heart of our little family and we were devastated.  In the course of three weeks our whole world was flipped upside down.  All the good memories in that house were overshadowed by sadness and it just didn’t hold the same attachment for us knowing they weren’t there anymore.  Okay, enough of the sad, back to happy!   So it’s been a couple days since moving out and after catching up on some much needed sleep we’re now trying to get organized.  For any of you that have read ‘Wild’ or seen the movie, there’s a scene where Cheryl packs her pack for the first time. It’s stuffed so absurdly full that it’s barely liftable.  Imagine that, but replace the pack with a campervan and add 10 times the stuff.  Thankfully we have a week to figure this all out.  For now, we’ll open some champagne, toast this next chapter and worry about packing tomorrow.

Thing’s we’re enjoying this week:

– Not having pack up and move any more boxes of stuff!

– A 1996 bottle of Dom Perignon, a gift from years ago that we’ve been saving for the perfect occasion (yes, it’s as good as you’d think!)

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